River Rampage Boat Party

Ticketing from 22:15, ship leaves on
Cruises every Wednesday @ 22:30
Ticket Price

From 20 EUR

Looking for something to do during the winter? River Rampage doesn't run from November - February however, we can reccommend the Backpacker's Boat Party, available here at www.partybookersbudapest.com

The River Rampage is the ORIGINAL and longest running weekly boat party in Budapest, run by travelers, for travelers.

Let's start with a little history about this boat party… and how it all started from one woman’s crazy dream.

She was a young lass from a little city in Kent who came to Budapest a few years ago and just couldn’t leave. I mean, who can blame her? It’s pretty awesome here. So she started working on a plan to bring together travellers from all corners of the world who want to experience what it’s like to take over the nightlife with a huge group of friends and make all sorts of memories that they will probably never tell their children about. Part of this plan was to get enough people together every week to have an unforgettable party on the Danube river, with alcohol and music and enough good cheer to really rock the boat! Her dream finally came true as River Rampage set sail on its maiden voyage in June 2011, and since then she has grown to be the rambunctious teenager you love to hate, and hate to love! 

During the summer months we never have less than 300 people on the boat, and very often push its capacity of 400 to the very limit! In the winter months, when travellers are fewer and the weather is colder, we still hit around 100-150 every week. We will take you for an evening excursion for the best photo ops & stories surrounding the most famous sights along the river. 


Depending on when you go, and what crowd happens to come out from the messiest corners of Budapest's party hostel network, you may, over the course of this party cruise, encoutner any or all of the following things:

 - Jubilant chanting

 - Full-frontal nudity

 - Lightweights vomiting in the corner

 - Extra-heavy petting

 - Excessive questionable dance moves

If that doesn't sound like your thing, maybe consider booking a different cruise. If it kinda turns you on a little bit, then you know what to do! You can choose between the following two ticket options when booking

Entry + Welcome Drink €20,00 (6,000HuF)
Entry + 70cl Bottle of Prosecco €27,00 (8,000HuF)

Docking Info
Zsófia Event Ship
Petőfi tér Dock 9 Budapest 1052, Jane Haining Rakpart

Boarding From: 22:15
Boat Leaves: 22:30 SHARP
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before departure time to ensure entry


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