Shipwrecked X

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Cruises every Mondays + Fridays (June-Sept) @ 22:30
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From 33.33 EUR

You know the expression: an unforgettable night that you’ll never remember? Well this is probably the textbook definition of what that means. With the unlimited beer, wine champagne and soft drinks on this river boat cruise and unbelievable beauty around you, you will be well on your way to an unforgettable night and sightseeing experience... though most of our guests have a rather blurred memory of the night when they wake up the next day. Luckily our professional photographers are there every night to help! 

Bopping along on our massive open deck or in our weather-proof indoor party room you can enjoy two full hours of being amongst old and new friends, cruising down the majestic Danube that separates the old cities of Buda and Pest, soaking in the sights and taking a few #nofilter pictures for your Instagram page - all the while uplifted by our talented DJs playing a variety of your favourite songs from the past 20 years! After the cruise we will guide everyone on a short walk to a downtown club where we will party on until the early morning.


While we don't recommend abusing your limits with the open bar, if you or one of your friends does go a little bit too far we also have a team of professional party staff to take care of them and look after their health until they are safely in a taxi on their way home. But that's a bit of a bummer for everyone involved, and the hangover isn't fun either. So as ironic as this may sound, we would kindly advise you to drink responsibly on our all-you-can-drink boat party ;)

Shipwrecked X is our new eXtra big and special boat party coming exclusively this summer. It's very similar to Shipwrecked, which you can read about HERE. But for this summer, we're adding some more fun amenities. 

What's different?
- We all party together! One ticket type means no separate bars and more room to party! 
- Everyone has the all-you-can-drink ticket
- There will be 2 boat attached together instead of just 1
- There will be 2 DJS (one playing remixed mainstream, one playing throwbacks)

The following dates will only have 1 boat and 1 DJ:
Fri June 1
Mon June 4
Mon June 11
Mon June 18 
Fri June 29 
Mon July 2
Fri August 10
Mon August 13
Mon August 20 
Fri August 31

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