13 Types of Boat Party People

July 10, 2017 | Andrew

You know who you are!

You’ll have a top night at one of our boat parties - that much is guaranteed. What’s never certain is who else will be aboard and who you’ll end up partying with. So you can prepare yourself though, we decided to profile some of the usual suspects.

The British Laaaaads

‘Brits Abroad’, ‘Lads on Tour’ - there are numerous banners they fly under, but the result is still the same - half a dozen British boys, recognisable from their Australian counterparts by their pasty white skin - and on a mission to get thoroughly wasted on what might be their only holiday of the year.

Scruffy Backpackers

These lot didn’t know each other last week, and they won’t remember each other next, but for tonight at least they are temporary best friends - and formerly lone backpackers - in it together for one great night. They’ve all got questionable nicknames and they’re all still wearing last week’s Prague Pub Crawl T-shirts and they’re very much looking for new people to drink with.

That Drunk Guy

We’ve all been there. It’s only just past 10pm, but this guy looks like he started drinking in the morning. It’s not clear whether his friends are still here or even made it on the boat - but no matter, because this guy’s going to make friends with everyone before the end of the night.

The Cool Girls

You’re not too sure if they’re having fun - and they aren’t either. This party might be a bit rowdy for them, but Heather - that girl they sort of know from university and insisted on a Eurorail trip after graduation - told them they just haaaave to go. They’re going to play it safe by standing in a tight semi-circle at the edge of the deck nursing the same vodka soda they got when they arrived - that is until the British lads come along to liven them up.

The Frat Pack

Free from the shackles of college for a summer, these guys are busy ticking off the Euro-party spots one Tripadvisor recommendation at a time. They might not be the kind of people you’d usually hang out with, but they’re high off their temporary new status as ‘legal to drink” and they are funding their trip with dad’s credit card, so hilarity - and perhaps the odd free drink - are sure to ensue.

The Awkward Dancer

Most likely a hippie sort of person, oddly dressed and awkwardly prancing around the dance floor, doing something with his arms you think you might have seen in a music video sometime - you’ll keep your distance, afraid to interrupt their ritualistic rhythm. Later on, you’ll find them talking loudly into someone’s ear about a band no one's ever heard of.

Your Next Holiday Hookup

Your eyes will meet over the crowded dance floor, and you’ll break the ice with a cheesy chat up line. Before long you’ll have ditched your friends to make out upstairs and it’s then you’ll remember that you’ve drunkenly forgotten their name. Give it ten minutes and you’ll probably have someone yelling “Get a room” at you.

The Australian Good Sports

With the proficiency of an army regiment, these guys have been up for absolutely every drinking game since they woke up at 2pm to breakfast strawpedos. What’s more, they’ve probably been winning them and pulling all the ladies as they go

The Idiot That Wants To Jump In

There’s always one, and to that person, we say “Just don’t”. Honestly, though, it’s bloody cold whatever time of the year and people have legit died trying to swim in the Danube before. Do you want to be the person that gets the party busted by the river police? Because that’s who you’ll be if you do. Plus wave goodbye to your hostel bed and hello to a police cell.

The Party Staff

They’re the guys in the uniform shirts who will be cleaning up vomit, nursing the overly-intoxicated with bottles of still water, telling you to mind the stairs on your way down and (during their off time) rounding up teams for a game of beer pong or flip cup. They were once travelers themselves, who ended up falling in love with the city and finding themselves a home and a surrogate family in the form of the PartyBookers crew. They eat, sleep and breathe boat parties and couldn’t imagine a better place to be!

The Hen Party

That group of lasses with the tiaras/costumes/rubber penises who showed up already two stops past casual boob-flash station, and are bound to be the life of the party. You’ll find them in their own occupied area of the dance floor all night long, whooping and whooing to one tune after another. By the end of the night at least one of them will have to be carried off and put into a taxi, but with any luck her friends will stay on for the afterparty and keep rocking until they can’t see their feet clearly.

The Lone Ranger

He doesn’t know anyone, is travelling alone, and is usually the nicest person you’ll meet on the boat. He’ll be chatting all night to a variety of people he’s just met, relishing in the freedom of having no tag-alongs or awkward friends cramping his style. You can talk to him about all things culture, music, travelling and just about everything under the sun.

The Politics/History Enthusiast

They will not set foot on the dance floor even once. While all their friends will be chatting up their prospective coital prospects, playing drinking games or having a boogie to their favourite song, this guy will be firmly planted in one spot discussing bygone and ongoing political conflicts, revolutions and social movements with anyone who will listen for more than 2 minutes. The good news is they’ll probably be throwing back one drink after another, and by the time they get to the afterparty they’ll barely be able to speak coherently - watch the animal within come out! These guys can be surprisingly good fun once they’ve got politics out of the way.


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