22 Boat Party Challenges

June 1, 2017 | Andrew

We know you’re here to party and we have every faith you’ll do that, but if you want to ensure maximum banter, we’ve devised 22 awkward, embarrassing and overall bamboozling challenges to see you through the evening in style.


Welcome aboard shipmate! We know you’re here to party and we have every faith you’ll do that, but if you want to ensure maximum banter, we’ve devised 22 awkward, embarrassing and overall bamboozling challenges to see you through the evening in style.

  1. Right, as soon as you get aboard, find one of our lovely staff members and get them to draw a moustache on you in permanent marker. Why? Because you’ll look like a pirate, that’s why!

  2. For bonus banter points, get them to cover over one of your eyes in black as well (eyelid included) so it looks like an eye patch. Keep your eye closed, go find the nearest stranger, then wink at them in an attempt to freak them out.

  3. Now, to get things warmed up, form a dance circle. Try and get as many people involved. In fact, get the entire boat involved and then demand some free beers,

  4. A classic. Skull a beer in less than 10 seconds.

  5. Aaaand, let’s chase it. Try a shot of the local favourite Unicum. It’s like a spicy Jagermeister.

  6. Let’s cause a spectacle! Find 5 other strangers and endeavour to create a human pyramid. You get to go on top of course.

  7. New friend time - ask around until you find someone with the same birth month as you. They’re now your new best friend for the night and you match each other drink for drink. No excuses.

  8. Shots, shots, shots, shots shooooooots, everybody! Drink a palinka, the local moonshine. It stings like hell!

  9. Make up a secret 30-second handshake with someone you don’t know and who you’re not really hanging out with. Make sure you practice it every time you see them again, especially if it will make the situation a little awkward.

  10. How flexible are you and your friends? Time to find out - get yourself into the down dog yoga position and then attempt to down your drink in one.

  11. Go around and convince total strangers to swap one piece of clothing with you. Don’t stop until you’re not wearing anything you arrived with.

  12. Lay down on the floor and stay there. Wait motionless until someone comes to ask if you’re OK. When they do, jump up, tell them “I am now”, then walk away like nothing happened.

  13. Let’s make things a bit weird. Find a way to lick one of your group’s ear without them noticing.

  14. Next time you go under a bridge, attempt to chug a beer before you’ve emerged from the other side.

  15. Time to make another random friend, one of the same sex. This time, in order to break the ice, you need to simulate as many sex positions as you can within 60 seconds.

  16. Next, let’s put some love in the air. Find a stranger and recite a love poem to them. Bonus points if you sing it. Loudly. Even more if it ends with a kiss

  17. Nothing like a little bit of dramatics to get heads turning. Fake a heated breakup with another member of your group.

  18. Find a local to teach you some dirty words in Hungarian. Then, go tell your friends, but don’t tell them what the words mean. They then need to go find some other locals to repeat them to - and you should revel in the awkwardness.

  19. The party might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean your enthusiasm should be. Go round with an empty cup and get everyone to pour in a little bit of what they are drinking. Now down the lot…. In one.

  20. Now for some last minute dramatics. This time you and your group need to recreate a scene from your favourite Disney film.

  21. Before you disembark, make sure you find and get a selfie with someone wearing some BUDA FCKN PEST swag. That way your friends will know you were really here!

  22. This final challenge will sort the warriors from the weaklings. It’s tequila suicide time. Lemon in the eye, salt in the nose. Go!


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