Frequently Asked Questions

May 5, 2018 |

We're here to answer ALL your questions about the boat party! If you need any additional info - feel free to Facebook message, e-mail or call us :)


How do I book a ticket to the boat party?

There are four ways to book your ticket for the boat:

  1. Buy your ticket online at You can use a debit or credit card and do not need a PayPal account to book. You will receive a confirmation e-mail before the event which you will need to show on the door.

  2. Buy your ticket on the door. Tickets can only be purchased using CASH (EUR or HUF accepted). However, our parties tend to sell out during the spring and summer seasons. We recommend buying your ticket in advance to secure your spot!

  3. Buy your ticket at our office. We are located in Akácfa u. 51 - through the entrance of LARM buzzer 5 on the top floor. Follow the signs for PartyBookers Budapest/Budpaest Boat Party. We are open from 12PM - 7PM on weekdays and from 4-7PM on Saturday. Tickets can only be purchased using CASH (EUR or HUF)

  4. Buy your ticket at your hotel or hostel reception desk. Tickets can only be purchased using CASH and your receptionist will hand you a ticket that must be brought to the boat.

Which boat party should I join?

We have a variety of boat parties running all year - you can choose depending on: which day of the week it’s running, the drink packages that are available, the typical crowd to expect and cost.

Shipwrecked, our most popular boat party, runs on Monday and Friday nights in the winter and and Saturday nights in the summer. You can expect hundreds of crazy travelers ready to have a good time on board. The boat has a live DJ, professional photographers, cash bar and free glitter/face-paint on board. When the boat ends, staff will take everyone to an after party where you have free entry! There are two drink packages to choose from: entry + 2 drinks and all-you-can-drink (which includes beer, wine and prosecco.)

Shipwrecked X is similar to Shipwrecked but everything is bigger! There is only one ticket type, which is all-you-can-drink - and on select dates during the summer season there’s not just one boat but TWO (attached to each other) and two djs!

River Rampage is the original boat party - made by travelers for travelers. Here you can expect a roudier crowd filled with backpackers from the major party hostels in the city. These boat parties get WILD and do not incluse the glitter station, open bar or coatcheck. Ticket options are either entry + 1 drink or entry and a bottle of champagne (we recommend the champagne).

Danube Massive is our special boat party event series. These boat parties are two or three times bigger than our usual parties. They are held on the Europa event ship and include 3 different DJ’s on 3 seperate floors, 5 bars, a welcome drink, free glitter and a photobooth! These only happen a several times a year and are INSANE - so if you’re visiting during the right time, book your ticket ASAP.

Sunset Drift is our first ever daytime boat party! Watch the sun set behind Parliament as you party your way down the Danube. There will be a BBQ on board, cocktail buckets, flower lei’s, water guns, glitter, bubbles and free sunscreen (to keep ya safe). Cause there’s nothing better than day drinking on a boat in the middle of the city!

More information on each event can be found by clicking the links!

Where does the boat party leave from?

The boat party leaves from various docks depending on the night. Our most common docks are Petofi Ter Dock #9 (under the Elizabeth bridge), Olimpia Dock (next to Parliament) and Szilágyi Desző tér (Buda side). Check your confirmation e-mail for the exact address of your party!

When does it leave?

Boarding begins at 10PM and the boat leaves at 10:30PM sharp. We cannot wait for late-comers, so make sure you arrive to the dock on time! Time differs for daytime boat parties and special events (like Danube Massive).

How much does it cost?

Depending on the boat party you choose, prices vary based on drink packages. Check our BOOK NOW page to see the different prices.

What currencies are accepted?

We accept either HUF or EUR for your ticket payment. However, the bars on board are cash only and only accept HUF.

Can I buy drinks on board?

There is a cash bar on board where you can get anything from beers to mixed drinks to shots. The bar can only take local CASH (HUF). Beers are from 500HUF - 800HUF (around 2-3EUR) and mixed drinks are around 1000HUF - 1500HUF (around 4-5EUR).

Where does the boat party end?

Depending on the day, the boat party ends at different locations. No matter where we end, there are taxis and trams nearby. Our staff will also lead everyone to a downtown club for a free after party after the boat party ends. Follow them and you’ll have a great night!

How do I get to the after party?

Our wonderful party staff will guide everyone from the boat to a downtown club for the after party. We ask that once the boat party is over, all guests exit the boat and follow our staff off of the dock where we wait for all of the guests to arrive. Together, we will walk to the club where you will receive free entry. This is usually a 10-15 minute walk!

Where is the after party?

The after party location varies depending on the day of the week, how busy the clubs are and where we dock. Feel free to ask us the day of the event if you would like to know the exact location of the after party. Clubs we frequent regularly are: Morrison’s 2, Fogas/Instant, Raktar Club, Aquarium and Ellatohaz.  

Where/when will the photos be uploaded?

We have professional photographers on all our boat parties to capture the moments you don’t want to forget….but might not remember the next day. All photos are uploaded to the Budapest Boat Party Facebook Page 2-4 days after the event.

How can I get a photo removed from Facebook?

If you message us the link to the photo we will delete it as soon as we can.

I lost something on the boat, how can I get it back?

Lost items are brought to our office the next morning and can be picked up at any time. Feel free to message us on Facebook, e-mail or call 06 70 774 4338 to see if we have found your lost item before coming in.

Feel free to e-mail, FB message, Instagram DM or call our hotline with any other questions you may have. Hope to get ship-faced on a boat party with you soon!


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