How to Propose in Budapest

February 15, 2018 | Andrew

So, you’ve heard that Budapest is the center of the romantic universe and you’ve decided to pop the ultimate question to your loved one here. Good idea! We support it. Especially now that Valentine’s Day just passed, there won’t be a more romantic time than now to get down on one knee.

Budapest has been described as the “Paris of the East” and a quick walk around will show you why. What’s more, the lack of Parisian price tag here means it’s only the cost of the ring that’s likely to sink your wallet.

But where to ask? Don’t worry - we’ve got you.

Somewhere high - Gellert Hill

The obvious idea - somewhere with a stunning view. We’ve got a few of those - but unless up the top of St Stephen’s Basilica does it for you (a bit crowded and cliche!) you’ll need to head over the bridge to the charming and hilly Buda side of the city.

Once here, you’ve got options, but we suggest head up Gellert Hill and drop to the knee under the watchful gaze of Liberty Statue - the only surviving statue from the Communist era. A really kick if your partner is a history buff.

Somewhere romantic - Buda Castle

Better yet, head up to Buda Castle and take advantage of the idyllic village that surrounds it - home to many of Budapest’s most iconic landmarks such as Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Bastion and the National Gallery.

For the perfect spot to ask the big question - find the ‘pier’ that offshoots in front of the entrance to the gallery and affords a stunning panoramic views of the entire city. Make sure to hire a photographer or have friends nearby, this view is too photo-worthy to miss out on. You’ll want to save this memory forever (and make your friends super jealous).

Somewhere in nature - Normafa

Or, if nature and hiking is your thing, then you could really commit and head over to Normafa - a popular spot for locals - and go exploring. There are a variety of well-signed routes and picturesque picnic spots, not to mention the change to ski a little come winter.

And, when it comes time for the big question, might we suggest Erzsebet Tower. Here you’ll be officially as high up in the city as you can be, with perfect panoramic views.

Nothing says “I love you” like an intimate hike in a foreign country!

Somewhere weird - in an underground cave

Did you know, deep under the city lays a honeycomb of caves and passages - all ready for exploring the brave and intrepid amongst you? And, for those couples with an adventurous streak, this could be the perfect place for a surprise proposal.

While some of the caves can be walked is shorts and t-shirts, some of the more challenging routes require helmets, harnesses and a keenness to get wet and muddy. If you decide to go for the latter, just be sure to keep that ring in a ziplock firmly in your pocket otherwise you may never leave for trying to find it.

Somewhere crazy - Sparty

Perhaps you both met at a party and your trip to Budapest is an attempt to relive those glory days. Well, why not make the proposal take place Europe’s certified bat crap craziest party ever - Sparty.

DJs, lasers, and hundreds of people getting wasted on a near-endless supply of booze all from the comfort of an outdoor hot spa - yeh we can’t think of any better setting for popping the question.

Romance doesn’t always have to be heart-shaped chocolates and flowers… Sometimes you can take the girl out of the party but not the party out of the girl. If your significant other still loves to come home drunk at 3am with nuggets and funny stories about their night - this proposal might be the perfect mix of hilarious and insane.

And hey, if she says no, just point wildly to our ears and claim you said you wanted to “carry her… to the bar for another drink”.

Somewhere funky - in Szimpla

Szimpla is the undisputed king and founder of the ruin pub scene, a style of bars that took off in the early 00s and is synonymous with ruined buildings, janky furniture, and kitsch art smattered all over the wall.

For arty couples, there couldn’t be a better place to pop the question - and for the perfect spot, might we recommend the repurposed Trabant car that lives out in the garden - the requisite #shesaidyes selfies basically take themselves.


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