Rent a Boat

December 10, 2016 | Budapest Boat party

Avoid the crowds and party with your crew in style!

We offer private groups the ultimate VIP nightseeing experience on your own boat, with a cash bar on board and your own choice of music playing if you want. You can book your private cruise any time of the day, and day of the year, and custom-make your package with a range of extra additions to suit your needs and preferences. Once the cruise is over, you can request for our staff to arrange free entry for your group to a nearby club or bar so that you can continue the high and seal in a memorable night!

Our prices depend on group size:

The basic ticket contains 1 drink

Ticket Price:

For less than 20 People: 120.000 HUF (400 EUR) fixed price.

  • 20-40 People: 6000 HUF (20 EUR) each
  • 41-60 People: 5400 HUF (18 EUR) each
  • 61-100 People: 4800 HUF (16 EUR) each
  • 101-150 People: 4200 HUF (14 EUR) each
  • More than 150 People: 3600 HUF (12 EUR) each

For groups of over 100 people please enquire directly (fill the form out for 100 people and we'll get back to you).

Ticket Includes:
  • 2hour River Course
  • Surround Sound Music
  • FREE Club entry after the cruise

No payment is required until you have spoken with our bookings co-ordinator and finalised your request - simply fill out the form on our Book Now page and we will get in touch soon to arrange your Budapest Party Cruise!


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