The Ultimate Stag Weekend

July 21, 2017 | Andrew

If you’re bringing your stag weekend to Budapest then you’ve made the right damn choice. It’s carnage here - but the cool type.

The Ultimate Stag Weekend

Budapest looks stunning and the locals know how to party - with bar closing times the exception rather than the rule.

To help you get planning - or just get excited - let us map out the perfect weekend for you:


Main event - Shipwrecked Boat Party

With years of experience under their belt, the Shipwrecked team know how to throw an aquatic party. It involves guests from some of the craziest hostels, a load of free champagne, a great DJ and 2 hours spent cruising up and down Budapest’s Danube River, with plenty of to look at along the way

Getting warmed up - If you arrive in the city early, be sure to check out Budapest’s most famous ruin pubs Szimpla. It’s a junk-filled creative wonderland that’s packed and partying 7 days a week.


Main event - Sparty

Tonight you’ll be checking out another thing Budapest is well known for - its ornate bath spas. Although, instead of a night of relaxation, it will be a night of unforgettable debauchery thanks to the mini raves hosted at one of the city’s top baths each week.

Think drinks, DJ and a whole lot of crazy antics - this will be, without fail - the highlight of your trip.

Getting warmed up - If you want to do some sightseeing, but love drinking more, why not combine the both and get a Beer Bike. Grab your friends or some randos from your hostel and climb aboard. You’ll pedal up some of Budapest’s nicest streets and end up in City Park where you’re free to wander around and enjoy a few more beers.


Main event - Bingo Bar Crawl

Join with residents of Budapest’s coolest hostels for a bar crawl with a twist. You’ll get a bingo card with 25 random numbers - each connected to a challenge your team needs to complete. Complete a row and get a prize. Clear them all and you’ll be crowned as the night’s champion.

Prepare to get up close and personal with strangers, get embarrassed, and most of all get drunk - you’ll be doing shots and dares until the wee hours of the morning or until you’re no longer standing.

Getting warmed up - If you’re not too hungover, consider a little mental exercise by going to an escape room. You and your friends will be locked in a room with a bunch of clues and will have an hour to solve a mystery and find your way out of the room.

Every one of them - and there are dozens in Budapest - is different, so we can’t tell you what to expect, but we can say they are a lot of fun and definitely not as easy as you might think.


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