What to Pack for a Party Weekend in Budapest

November 12, 2018 | Adam

The big question: what do you pack for a holiday based entirely on drinking excessively?

Budapest is known for its architectural beauty, unique history, and delicious Hungarian cuisine. For most travellers and backpackers, however, it’s the nightlife that is the biggest draw. From the world famous ruin bars to its infamous party hostels, the endless pub crawls to the one-of-a-kind party experiences- if you’re thinking about coming here, you’re probably looking to get absolutely fucking hammered.



One of the best things about Budapest is you can enjoy all the best nightlife without having to worry about annoying dress codes! Most bars and clubs in the party district (including the biggest club in the city, Fogas/Instant) have very relaxed policies and will let you in in casual wear- as long as you’re not in flip flops. Girls, keep in mind that a pub crawl in heels is not a fun time! Bring some sensible shoes and save your feet the pain.


Get into the party mood by making yourself look as ridiculous as possible! A boat party is the perfect opportunity to let your freak flag fly, so don’t be afraid to bring something fun. Whether it’s a simple party shirt or a giant banana costume, Budapest is the perfect place to get as silly as you want.


Any list of things to do in Budapest wouldn’t be complete without the world famous thermal baths. Whether you went too hard in the club the night before and need to sweat out the hangover, or you’re going to Sparty- a huge pool party in the amazing Szechenyi Baths- a trip to the spa should be on any serious travellers to-do list!


One of the coolest activities you can do during your visit is exploring the huge geothermal caves hiding under the city. Take a break from drinking and do some caving! The largest geothermal cave system in the world, it’s a must-do for any intrepid visitor. If this sounds like your idea of fun, make sure you pack some sturdy shoes or boots.


Hangovers… You’re gonna have a lot of them.


Love it or hate it, glitter just livens up the party! A boat party or ruin bar crawl isn’t the same without a little bit of sparkle on.

Depending on the time of year you visit, Budapest weather can hit some extremes. It’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach 35℃ (95℉) in the peak of summer and get as low as -15℃ (5℉) in winter. Throughout summer, the temperature at night stays fairly warm so a jacket isn’t usually necessary, but bring one just in case- the thunderstorms can get pretty crazy here. Snow is pretty common in winter, so some good winter shoes, warm gloves and a waterproof coat are probably best.



With so little time and so much to do, no one can afford to let a hangover ruin their party weekend in Budapest. With all-you-can-drink boat parties and non-stop clubbing at night, don’t miss out on everything the city has to offer in the daytime!


Taking your phone out on a beer bike or booze cruise to snap a few photos isn’t a bad idea… if you’re planning on staying sober that is. Avoid the stress of losing or smashing your new iPhone and pack a disposable camera. They’re cheap, handy, and it doesn’t really matter if you leave it at the bar.


Let’s be honest, casual sex with exotic stranger's is one of the great perks of travelling. If you’re single and looking to mingle, plan ahead and pack some condoms. Chlamydia is not a great souvenir to bring back!


Party hostels are great places to meet new people, do some crazy shit, and make amazing memories. Unfortunately, they are not great places to sleep. Pack enough ear plugs to drown out the loud music, drunken shenanigans, and sloppy sex going on around you.


This one might seem weird, but hear me out; a lighter is a great tool for meeting new people and making friends. Even if you’re a non-smoker, the amount of times someone asks for a lighter in a bar or on a pub crawl will amaze you. Spark up their ciggie and and a conversation at the same time!


Your suitcase isn’t the only thing you need to plan before a weekend here. Budapest is a very cash heavy city, so make sure you bring a card you can withdraw money on. Some of the biggest ruin bars don’t take card, but most have ATMs inside. A spare card is always a smart idea, just make sure you leave that at the hostel for emergencies.

Even though Hungary is in the EU, they do not use Euro! Exchange your cash into Hungarian Forint- most places will accept Euro, but will overcharge with their exchange rate.

Don’t forget your ID either! It’s Hungarian law to carry one at all times. Try to bring a drivers license or other photo ID that isn’t a passport- a club is not a smart place to bring your passport!

Budget wise, Budapest is a pretty cheap city. A beer at most bars won’t cost you more than 700 HUF (€2.10) and you can find a pint for as low as 300 HUF. Going out for a meal is usually under 3000 HUF (€10) as long as you avoid the touristy restaurants. Keep this in mind when you’re withdrawing money- you don’t need to take 100,000HUF out!


You’re gonna want to bring a bottle of traditional Hungarian booze back home with you. Palinka is the country’s most famous drink, and comes in a ton of different flavours- although its very strong taste might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Unicum is another classic Hungarian drink and a national symbol- don’t miss out on their museum tour (Monday-Saturday) which includes a tasting session!


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