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Ultimate Party Night

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Ultimate Party Night

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Doors open: 20:30

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Duration: 4 Hours

The new way of pub crawling! Party at your own pace, with free drinks, VIP club entry, and seasoned party guides showing you the way

  • star icon Meet at Instant at 20:30
  • star icon Self-Guided crawl to 3 bars.
  • star icon (Optional) 60min Open Bar
  • star icon Free 3cl Shot at each bar
  • star icon International Party Guides
  • star icon Skip-the-line entry to Instant
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Every Day @ 20:30

The future of Pub Crawling is here!

With the Party District's municipality cracking down on large groups of tourists being led on organised pub crawls, it is now pretty much illegal to run a typical pub crawl in the historic 7th District. So, Partybookers Budapest is proud to introduce a brand new pub crawling experience.

We cannot guide you, but now with just the scan of a QR code, you can find the next bar on your route and get help from the party guides to make sure you get there easily! The upside: nobody tells you exactly WHEN you need to leave for the next stop, so you can finish your drink in peace, or get that phone number you've been working on for a while before you move on. Explore the famous ruin bar district at your own pace, with all the guidance and sociability of a regular pub crawl!

At each bar, you'll be greeted warmly by the party guides who will be organising drinking games and generally making sure everyone is having a good time! And you will also receive 3 coupons that can be redeemed at each bar for 1 free 3cl shot of pure vodka OR a double shot instead of a single shot in any drink of your choosing.

How does it work?

For large groups, there will be no set route, instead the guides will provide you with recommendations at the meeting point on which bar to visit first, second and third. You chose the route and how long you spend at each bar, before ending the night with skip-the-line entry to the world famous Instant-Fogas Complex

For smaller groups of less than 45 people, everyone will follow the same route, and visit the bars in the same order. As soon as a guide is ready to meet you at the next bar, the guides with you will let you know that you are free to head over there when you're ready. And yes, you will still end off with VIP entry to Instant-Fogas Complex!

Do we wish the guides could lead the way? Hell yes! But the local po-po are a lot meaner than they look, and we don't want to risk your night...

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