Bingo Bar Crawl

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If boat parties are life, pub crawls make it even better! Combine your boat party experience with a ticket to Budapest's top-rated pub crawl and let's take the party back to the city. Fill up on unlimited drinks at the first bar and let our international party guides take you on a wild ride through the best bars in Budapest!

On Bingo Bar Crawl, we do much more than just get you drunk and take you from place to place. At the beginning of the crawl, you'll get a bingo card with 25 random challenges for you to do. Complete a row of 5 challenges and you can win some of our cool merch to take home with you... and have a lot of silly fun in the meantime.

To top it all off, you'll end the crawl with free VIP entry to Instant, the most famous club in the city, where you can party til dawn with the new friends you've made all night. The only thing you might have to lose is a few foggy memories... so make sure to bring a camera ;)


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